6 Tips for Your Pet’s Next Visit to Lake Las Vegas

For Pet Scene magazine- May 2019

From long walks on the trails to brunch with their parents in the Village, Lake Las Vegas loves its four-legged friends!

This month, we asked long-time Lake Las Vegas staffer and current assistant general manager of Seasons Grocery & Deli, Aaron Sanchez, for his insights on how residents and guests make the most of their time at Lake Las Vegas with their pets. A 15-year employee of multiple Lake Las Vegas businesses, Sanchez has gotten to know many guests, residents and their four-legged family members.

“What’s impressed me about the Lake Las Vegas community is their love of pets,” said Sanchez. “They treat pets like family. One dog that I remember most is a giant, gray poodle. He was so large that you could put a saddle on him!” Sanchez says he and the staff at Seasons see all types of pets and their owners enjoying the Lake Las Vegas lifestyle. “We love them all,” he said. “We learn their names and look forward to their visits.”

Sanchez is a dog lover himself. He and his dog Baxter, a six-year-old Australian German Shephard/Lab mix, love to play catch. Baxter’s favorite toy is a football and Sanchez says they can play for hours throwing and catching it.

Want to bring YOUR well-behaved pet with you to enjoy the summer at Lake Las Vegas? Here are Aaron’s top tips to maximize your visit:

  1. Bring water to keep your dog hydrated.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer and bags for clean-up.
  3. Scope out shady spots, especially in the hot summer months, for your dog to relax. There’s a shaded, grassy area next to Season’s Grocery & Deli.
  4. Keep your dog on a leash.
  5. When bringing animals into an establishment where they are welcome, make sure they are calm, within your control and not barking. If something happens and you cannot get them under control, simply step outside or find a quiet place to regroup.
  6. Pets are allowed in the lake with supervision. Dogs do get tired like humans, so watch them closely.

Pet lovers are invited to attend the Pulte Pet Parade and Pet Scene Magazine Pet Fair on Saturday, May 25 as part of the 2ndAnnual Lake Las Vegas Sports Celebration. Events including a pancake breakfast with celebrity chef Scott Commings, Pickleball Pro Am, Golf Academy Pro Day, pool party and BBQ will kick off the Memorial Day weekend celebration along with the pet parade and pet fair. Events start at 8 a.m. and tickets are available online at www.lakelasvegas.com/daysand proceeds will benefit the Henderson and Las Vegas K9 departments.