7 Best Places to Catch Sunset in Las Vegas

THERE’s so much I never appreciated growing up in Las Vegas until I left — the mountains, the weather, the fact that you can go anywhere and do almost anything at any hour of the day or night. But what I found I missed most when I moved to the midwest was the sunsets. Since moving back to my home state of Nevada a few years ago, I’ve come to look forward to that time of day when the dark seeps in and the skyline lights up.

Here are some of my favorite places to watch a sunset in the Vegas area…

The Village at Lake Las Vegas

Forty minutes from the Strip, Lake Las Vegas will reward you for your efforts with dramatic colors at sunset and local birds gliding through the sky into the night. This resort area features walking paths around the manmade lake; dining, retail, and on weekends draws crowds for local music festivals, outdoor movie screenings, and special events. Enjoy the sunset here while walking the shoreline with a treat purchased at Seasons Grocery.

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