All in a Row: Nevada State Crew Team Takes to the Water


The Nevada State College rowing team lifted its boat from Lake Las Vegas’ murky waters Sunday with heads held high.

For a scrappy group in its first year, third out of three seemed good enough — for now.

“If the race was a little longer, we might have gotten second,” coach Jim Anderson said.

Nevada State College’s rowing team is the only sport on campus and the sole college rowing team in the state. Andersen said he jumped onboard about a year ago to make the team a reality.

About 12 people row for the team, but that number changes because students are committed to other things, Andersen said.

Andersen said he had more than 100 people show interest in the team, but those numbers dropped off significantly after the reality of a 5:45 a.m. practice time sank in.

“It takes a real dedication,” Andersen said. “And the ones that do stick around, they work hard, they train hard and it’ll pay off.”

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