Outside Las Vegas, an Ace of a Bike Trail


As the desert sun neared its apex and Lake Mead glittered against the brown desert, the water break I was taking on Nevada’s newest bike trail was interrupted by a couple of fellow riders.

After some innocuous banter (nice day; nope, can’t believe how hot it is) the two middle-aged bikers reported traffic on the route was lighter than usual — an indication this was not the first time they had pedaled the River Mountains Trail (rivermountainstrail.com), a 35-mile ribbon outside Las Vegas that circumscribes the River Mountains, connecting Boulder City, Henderson and the wilderness between.

Then the chat took a turn.

“How hard did you train for the Three Sisters?” one of the riders asked, referring to a stretch where the trail gains about 500 feet of elevation in less than a mile.

“Maybe a couple of spin classes here and there,” I responded.

“Well that part should be lots of fun for you,” the second bicyclist said.

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