The PAWesome Pets & People of Lake Las Vegas

For Pet Scene magazine
March 2019

When Lake Las Vegas resident Mark Green asks his dogs Jett and Charlie if they want to go for a ride, he doesn’t mean a ride in the car. Jett and Charlie accompany Mark and wife Karen for regular rides in a golf cart that takes them to the golf greens near the Lake Las Vegas Sports Club.

“Once we get to the course, we drive the cart back and forth and the dogs chase the golf cart,” said Mark, who takes his pups on golf cart rides often. “Jett carries his leash around with him, and if Charlie heads in the wrong direction, Jett will go round him up.”

Jett, a seven-year-old German Shepard, is savvy with directions, and if the Greens make a wrong turn on the way to the course, Jett lets them know.

“If we go a different route, Jett gets upset,” said Green, who takes the dogs to Seasons Grocery to get them lunch meat following their workout. “My wife and I order coffee and then we take the dogs over by the water where they love to walk around.”

The Greens inherited Jett and four-year-old Charlie, a golden doodle, from their daughter.

“Jett was the inaugural dog in our home,” said Mark, who is vice president of Allied Esports International. Allied owns HyperX Esports Arenaat the Luxor Hotel & Casino, among other entities.

“Lake Las Vegas is a great place to have pets because there are so many places to walk to the dogs, and the restaurants at the village are so welcoming,” said Mark. The Greens have lived at SouthShore Country Club for seven years and take Jett and Charlie to dine with them on a regular basis. The couple are partial to Luna Rossa Ristorante and Mimi’ and Coco’ Bistro, where Mark said the staff bring the dogs water and make room for them on the patio.

“Every server knows them by name and comes over to greet them,” he said.  “Jett usually lies under the table and watches people. Both dogs are well trained and enjoy the entertaining environment within The Village.”

The environment at Lake Las Vegas is ideal for pets as the residential resort community is equipped with picturesque trails and scenic walkways that make taking the dog for a walk anything but a chore.

“We have a big dog community at Lake Las Vegas, and we host a number of events and activities that cater to our furry friends,” said Andy Gil, marketing director for Lake Las Vegas.

“During Lake Las Vegas Days in May we’re inviting everyone and their pets out for a pet parade and pet fair. It’s one of our most highly anticipated events of the year.”

When he isn’t at home in Lake Las Vegas, Mark is hard at work delivering patrons the latest in gaming and esports entertainment on the famed Las Vegas Strip. His 30,0000-square-foot venue caters to casual and professional gamers and hosts daily play to high stakes esports tournaments.

Are you a fan of esports? Stop by and visit Mark, Karen, Charlie and Jett when you see them in the Village and Mark will arrange a VIP tour of HyperX Esports Arena for you. One of the many perks of living in Lake Las Vegas!