Wildlife Presentation Oct. 19th at the Westin!

Situated amid the amazing Mojave Desert insures that Lake Las Vegas is inhabited by a wide variety of fascinating fauna as well as us humans!  Many of you have shown a great interest in these other neighbors, so how great would it be to learn some more about them?

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is the state agency responsible for the restoration and management of fish and wildlife resources, and the promotion of boating safety on Nevada’s waters. NDOW’s Education Division inspires our community to hunt, fish, and view wildlife respectfully and safely.  We aspire to live with and appreciate our native local wildlife to protect them and our families for generations to come.

On October 19th, NDOW’s Urban Wildlife Coordinator and Wildlife Education Coordinator will be providing a presentation on local wildlife found in the Las Vegas community neighborhoods and how to live with them safely. They will also discuss policies to abide by and where to find continued information. If time permits, they will be able to answer some of your questions so that you can understand more about our amazing local wildlife.

This presentation will take place at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa at 6pm.

Please RSVP to peg at plozier@lakelasvegas.com so that she knows how many chairs to set up!