City of Henderson: City of the Future


At a time when technology makes daily leaps from innovation to reality, it’s people and the companies they form that bring the awe factor to life. In Henderson, both innovations and innovators are celebrated and cultivated, from the entrepreneurial spirit of downtown Henderson to the city being home to nationwide firsts. It’s people that transform a city into a City of the Future. In Henderson, it’s people making the city extraordinary.

City of Innovation and Technology

Imagine going to a hospital for surgery or an emergency visit without the fear of contracting an infection. Today, when bacterial infection is a threat at almost every hospital, Henderson Hospital is the first in the country with a silver ion answer.

“Across the hospital, our counter tops are all silver ion infused,” said Sam Kaufman, CEO of the hospital. The infused counter tops and door handles instantly stop the spread of bacterial infection.

The hospital is also the first to use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. Every operating theater, C-section suite and emergency room bay in Henderson Hospital features UV lights. As white lights they burn off infection while patients and staff are present. Once housekeeping has thoroughly cleaned and the space is empty again, purple lights burn off bacteria…

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